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Tactical Urbanism, Interview with Roger Cummings of Juxtaposition Arts

Tactical Urbanism refers to projects done without permission from the local government or with any formal planning – it is DIY, low cost, and temporary. On this episode, we explore all kinds of Tactical Urbanism projects and find out who it’s for, its possibilities, and its limitations.

Then, I interview Roger Cummings, co-founder of the Minneapolis-based nonprofit Juxtaposition Arts, on the organization’s early adoption of Tactical Urbanism and how they’ve used it to engage community members that might otherwise be left out of the urban planning process.

Local Control

On this episode, we’re going to look at how emerging tensions with states and the erosion of  Local Control has been playing out in our communities and impacting spatial issues including the environment, economic development, and social issues.

Secret Tunnels

There are countless miles of hidden tunnels under our feet that we don’t really think about. In this episode of Isn't That Spatial, we're going underground to discover the tunnels - from the little-known to the downright mysterious - in our cities and towns. Who knows what's hiding down there!