Geography of Breweries

Geography of Breweries


We’re back! Welcome to Season 2 of Isn’t That Spatial!

Today’s episode covers the geography of breweries… from the beginnings of the homebrew movement, through that pesky Prohibition, to the rise of the major American brewing monoliths, to the more recent microbrewing and neolocalism trends across the entire country.

The US Census has crunched the numbers and found that the number of US breweries DOUBLED between 2007 and 2012 – that’s a phenomenon worth exploring! Plus, we kind of have a thing for kicking off each season with an imbibing-themed episode. Hmm…

This episode also marks Isn’t That Spatial’s first field trip and first interview! We went to Warren, Ohio to talk with our friend Adam of Modern Methods Brewing Company to check out a real microbrewery in the making and discover the spatial components of Adam’s operation. It’s a great community development story and a fun history lesson to boot

Anyway – show notes below! Enjoy! Er, Cheers!

Show Notes

That super-majestic City of Warren “Modern Methods” sign Adam mentioned:


Sources + Links

A compendium on the geography of beer itself, if you’re interested

Geographic Patterns of Craft Breweries at the Intraurban Scale or basically what we talk about here in simplified terms

The Atlantic on craft brew localism and where they get those names

That Census data

CityLab on craft brewing and local economic development in Rust Belt towns

Assessing Neolocalism in Microbreweries

More on geographic clustering of craft breweries

Craft beer culture across America

Oregon’s local microbrewery movement

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