Geography of Memory

Geography of Memory


The built environment has long served as a mnemonic device for wayfinding or historical events. On this episode, we’re talking about spatial memory. Not so much about historic preservation, in the conventional sense, or formal archives that you might find in, say, a museum. Instead, we’re talking about memory of the more ephemeral elements of our urban spaces – how are we preserving the storefronts, signage, back alleys, street art, and informal social markers in our ever-changing world?

We’re looking at the creative ways that various urbanists and organizations are documenting, preserving, and keeping us in touch with the ever-changing and vanishing markers in our communities, increasingly in real time.

Show Notes + Sources

NYPL Interactive Map

Urban Omnibus on the NYPL Old NYC endeavor

What Was There app

Streetmuseum app

Next City on the Ghosts of Seattle Past project

Ghosts of Seattle Past interactive map

Soho Memory Project

Storefront I and II

More on Storefront I and Storefront II

Black Quantum Physics Futurism Collective

Urban Memory Archive project



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