Coal Country

Coal Country

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On this episode, we’re exploring the deep dark regions of coal country – what and where is it exactly, how it developed and how it was exploited, and where it belongs in today’s world.

Show Notes

National Geographic gives you everything you want on coal’s basics

Traditional coal mining regions in the US

More on coal regions

City Lab again on women shaping cities’ streets and landmarks

History of the company town

How coal booms and busts work

Coal’s numerous environmental and health risksn

Impact of coal regulations

Coal industry projections

The Monoeconomy and rampant exploitation of coal country

Academic paper on the history of coal country exploitation

West Virginia’s struggle with coming to terms on coal’s hold on the state’s economy

Impact of coal and exploitation on tribal nations

Time Magazine on Coal’s Last Kick

Colorado’s coal planning report

Coal’s prospects under the Trump Administration

More on coal’s future

The future of coal country from those who live ther

Geography of Music Scenes

Geography of Music Scenes

Women in the City

Women in the City