Women in the City

Women in the City


On this episode, we’re exploring the representation of women in the city – monuments, streets, schools, and other odes to women. Okay, we’re exploring the LACK of those memorials to women.

Mapbox’s Male and Female-named streets

Show Notes

Women leading the way to more female memorials inSan Francisco

CityLab on the gender gap in public spaces

CNN on women’s monuments projects

City Lab again on women shaping cities’ streets and landmarks

Rad women in Paris

AV Club imagining NYC landmarks named for women

NYC landmarks designed by womenn

…and female architects

Rebecca Solnit’s project on a City of Women

Bulgaria’s female statues art project

Equal Visibility Everywhere

Hyperallergic on unsung female muses in statues

Coal Country

Coal Country

Urban Renewal’s Rise + Fall

Urban Renewal’s Rise + Fall